I’m taking the night off

While playing with my baby this morning I was as usual mentally thinking of my to-do-list for the night. Motherhood is definitely a full-time job that interlaps with another that starts after my boss’s baby’s bedtime. Usually baby falls asleep between 8 and 9 p.m. and then the marathon starts … Cook dinner, pump, gallop food while pumping, tidy up kitchen, manage my long and evergrowing to do list, cleaning Dog pee off floor, pump again attempt to blog, Rock baby back to sleep, pump again .,.. You get the drift. So while organizing my mental to do list, planning the Christmas Eve last-minute dinner menu, and attempting to occupy my precious (still aggressively teething) baby I decided that I’m taking tonight off. I even texted “date night” to hubby…. I don’t want to do a thing tonight just relax, of course I still have to pump but I’m sitting my post pregnancy oversized derrière down on the sofa (not the computer desk) and watching a movie with hubby. The world can wait till tomorrow, friends will still be on Facebook in the morning and my to do list will still be as long whether I check two things off or none! And there will be no picture with this post either cause I’m publishing from Shaun’s iPod so I won’t be accessing Picassa or making any pictures beautiful on Picnik … Good night I know I will have a great one!


Ladies (and interested gentlemen) we have a winner: the best baby carrier

Its true what they say that you try everything on your first child and with the 2nd one u get it right because of the lessons you’ve learned. Amir is only 5 months old and I had to go through 2 pumps (more on that later) and 3 carriers to find the perfect fit.
Today I received my balboa baby carrier in the mail. All I can say is that I wish I heard about it earlier! I had to go through two carriers until I found this one. The first was a gift and it was just too stiff with too many hard to undo plasticy buckles that I just couldn’t imagine traveling with him in it and the 2nd was the bayblonia carrier which is not bad, soft, breathable was great for securing him in when I was flying from Lebanon to Monrovia with all the tying on my back and behind his knees but it was only good for carrying him facing me and not facing out and he really couldn’t move at all. Like I said I had to tie right behind his knees and his head was on my chest the whole time so I couldn’t keep him in that position for too long.
But this gem I’m wearing as I write this post is so perfect to walk in and to wear around the house for a long time … Ladies allow me to introduce my balboa baby carrier! This beauty allows me to carry my baby cradle and cuddle style, it also enables front and hip carrying its super comfortable for him. He fell asleep within seconds I kid you not! Ok it could be because I took two extra minutes chatting with my sister about her wedding dress and as a result giving him more play time with daddy which wore him out. Not to mention that warm bath and massage afterwards but it still worked! He was asleep as soon as I placed him in it! The best feature is that it allows baby to be close to mommy and I think that’s the main reason I love it so much! Can’t wait to venture out with him in it!

By the way I’m still doing well with my  post-pregnancy diet plan follow my progress here

Can I Blame it on Hormones??

Its 3 am and I just finished some must-do errands such as buying diapers online, folding baby’s laundry, preparing Caroline’s (our cleaning lady) to-do-list for tomorrow. I decided to give baby Amir a bottle before I go to bed so he doesn’t wake up 10 mins after I shut my eyes. So as I carry my sleepy baby and admire his angelic face it hits me – he looked grown up not so babyish anymore, his new spiky hair and his big eyelashes his pouty lips… his features are becoming clearer I can actually tell what he is going to look like as he gets older. Suddenly this surge of emotions takes over me! My baby is growing I had to hold back the urge of sobbing loudly. Don’t get me wrong they were happy proud mommy tears but the emotion was so overwhelming that my body started shaking as I tried hard not to wake my baby … What is happening to me? Could it be hormones? Can I actually still get away with blaming it on unbalanced post pregnancy hormones or is it just pure motherhood?

How our baby bonded with daddy

Baby Amir only got to spend 3 days with Daddy when he was three months old (long story). Anyways we reunited with my husband Shaun in Africa when baby Amir was almost 5 months old. I have to say I secretly worried about them establishing their bond. Amir is a social baby he smiled at his dad when we first saw him at the airport and babbled with him in the car on our way back to the house but that was it… Whenever he needed soothing or to eat he wanted mommy. We did some research and read some articles by Dr. Sears and decided to just have Shaun available for him when he cries. So over a long weekend Shaun was the one to pick him up from bed whenever he cried and stayed with him until he was calm again, he was also diligent in being there for play time and even changed a few poop free diapers. I think all of that established trust and just in 3 weeks Amir actually reaches to his daddy’s side whenever he is co-sleeping, falls asleep easily with him and is responsive to his daddy’s soothing strategies. They are now inseparable! Shaun looks forward to bath time and excitedly volunteers to change diapers (still only poop free ones) and he has been late to work every morning and lunch break because he can’t seem to be able to walk away from Amir’s smiling face! I love watching them together!