The way we were …

Every morning I make the same unfulfilled resolution “tonight I will spend some quality time with hubby” I miss the way we were… The moment he got home it was US time! I would run to him as if I haven’t seen him in ages and the simplest plans made us extremely happy as long as we were together.

The spark is definitely there! When he walks in my heart flutters and a glimpse of his green eyes makes me want to run to him and just sink in his arms! But I always stop myself to give the honors to our beautiful bundle of joy who seems just as eager to greet daddy.

The night goes on as we feed, play, and bath baby Amir all the while exchanging a smile here and there or an ” I miss you look”. Before I go in to start Amirs bedtime routine I make a silent promise that tonight is the night when things will be back to normal I will put my baby to sleep and go back to my hubby, sink in his arms, let go of all my worries and my self caused anxiety.

He was always good at making me relax, being with him felt like an escape…nothing can go wrong with me in his arms. BUT my plan always goes unfulfilled! By the time I’m done from putting the baby to sleep and drag my exhausted self to the living room my date looks just as drained, his eyes sunken and red, his loving smile is faint. As I reach for my pump he gets ready to leave the room in an attempt to put the baby back to sleep (yes he is still teething!)

I miss the way we were, but I love the parents that we are today and as long as I still catch a sparkle in his beautiful eyes when he first sees me and my heart flutters when I hear him walk in, I’m still holding on to the promise that we will have our quality time again.


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