Information for Breastfeeding mothers: How to know if baby is getting enough milk

Dec 6: Baby Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in our house, and I can actually see two small boxes with my name on them under the tree :).  I can’t believe its been a year since I was just a few weeks pregnant and on bed rest! This time last year the idea of celebrating the holidays with my new baby was all I could think about to get me through the boring bed ridden days …. so happy that stage is over and I can finally enjoy my baby, looking back I remember what every other mother before me said ” It’s all worth it in the end”!

I’m about to get my exhausted self to bed so I can rest before another day starts. I’m looking forward to our daily routine now (Yes! we finally have a routine!) until then I want to share some info I came across today that I think would be very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. I wish I knew this when I first gave birth! I can’t count how many nights I stressed over whether baby is content with breastfeeding, if he is getting enough milk, or too much. This link to actually explains your baby’s body language when breastfeeding so you can understand his or her needs… I think every new mother should  read this I wish I found it earlier.




Dec 4 Advent Calendar addition


I can’t believe its Dec 4 already! Yesterday my baby turned 6 months old! I’m such a lucky mommy to have this little angel in my life. We had a tough weekend with Amir he has been teething for months but no sight of pearly whites yet so it seems this will go on for a while, his acid reflux is back too I think it’s because I introduced solids. I also started adding formula to his diet so I can get him used to it in order to wean him before our extensive travel in May but he is in so much discomfort that I withdrew that plan altogether and I will pump (thank God for my Freestyle Medela pump and Mothers Milk tea) and breastfeed as long as it takes. I decided to make short-term goals, my first was to make it till he was 6 months old and we did! (yay!) so now my goal is to make it till he is one year old …. we’ve been through a lot him and me  when it comes to breastfeeding he refused to eat from me when he started teething (he still only directly breastfeeds when he is half asleep) and we have pulled through, had to re-lactate twice (long story) and we are still going strong so no reason we shouldn’t be able to do it for a few more months now that my milk supply is enough for him and I actually have a full freezer of expressed milk as back up … this is the best gift I can give him now, the nutrition he needs to build his immunity and I have the good health and willpower to do it for as long as he needs it… so here we go!

The above photo is from this morning you can see the rest of the pictures from the Christmas Advent Calendar here