I Got Mail: customized stickers and cards from MOO

Never thought I would be so excited at the sight of mail!! It could be just an empty box or a small note from a friend but just the idea of receiving mail from overseas makes my day!

I’m sure I mentioned before that due to my hubby’s work we are in Liberia (Africa), shopping here is limited to 3 grocery stores and one over priced gift shop! in other words its HELL for people like me who are addicted to retail therapy! so what’s a girl to do? I shop online for anything and everything! my most recent purchase was a bunch of stickers, postcards and a multi picture frame I ordered from MOO.com and boy did it make my day to see that huge box with their colorful logo!

Sure we got several items in the mail, mainly for baby Amir which I have waited for but I’ve been looking forward to get my hands on  these stickers to complete a project of mine! I don’t get to do many projects while taking care of the baby but this one I’ve been anxious to finish! so now I’m happy that the Patchi chocolate favors box is checked off my to-do-list …. now on to my next project …

But until then here’s a few pictures of what I received from Moo today:

The stickers: (check out what I used them for here)

The Frame for Shaun’s desk at work. He wanted pictures of me and Amir and couldn’t pick his favorites so I surprised him with this frame from MOO. He absolutely loved it!

Personalized holiday cards for friends and family (Yes that’s my baby in the picture isn’t he adorable!)


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