DIY Patchi Chocolate Favors Box

For those of you who don’t know Patchi you are definitely missing out! back in Lebanon no occasion goes by whether it’s a new baby, wedding, holiday, etc ….  without the need for a Patchi chocolate tray to give out for visitors offering their congrats. When I gave birth to baby Amir in Lebanon earlier than expected, the first thing I said to my mom after returning from the delivery room was “OMG I didn’t order the Patchi tray yet”. She calmly smiled and informed me that my sister is already there picking it up. I remember how happy I was when she walked in with two huge trays (one from my parents and the other from hubby) like I said no occasion should go by without a Patchi tray and definitely not the birth of my pride and joy!

Of course when travelling to Liberia carrying a baby and 4 suitcases the last thing on my mind was the chocolate favors I should give out to our friends!  So as I always do I researched chocolate squares  recipes ambitiously thinking that I can make the favors from scratch  and then it hit me what if Patchi went global?? I type in the words and there it is a Patchi online store in the U.S.! ( we can receive  mail to an address in the U.S. which eventually gets to us but it takes time) I couldn’t find the ones I liked in Lebanon so I ordered the chocolate squares with the plain blue and white wrapping  and went ahead and ordered some personalized stickers from MOO and now I have my Patchi tray! yay! an actual successful DIY project!


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