Today’s obsession: cooking from scratch


   I love cooking and just recently I’ve been into cooking from scratch. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that a few   items that we tend to take for granted in our daily life such as cake mix, liquid broth, frosting and any kind of bread other than white bread are not consistently available in Monrovia. And if you are lucky enough to find any they might be expired or worse – like the time when we found bugs in our rice bags and pasta (hence the rule of buying only see through rice and pasta bags). I have a checklist already and I’m checking them one recipe at a time, today I made  homemade chicken broth  try it out.

Psst ….  I’m still on track with my post-pregnancy diet plan, check out my progress here


One thought on “Today’s obsession: cooking from scratch

  1. I’ve been trying to cook more from scratch, too. More because I’m starting to be more concerned about additives and preservatives and the like. I haven’t tired to make broth yet, though. It’s on the list!

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