Post-pregnancy diet plan and workout

I know its only been five months and three weeks since my C-Section and that I should give my body a chance until its been nine months to start seeing real weight loss results but the fact of the matter is I can’t afford to wait that long … my sister’s wedding – which is expected to be THE wedding of the season (Enshallah)- is coming up and I need to look my best! Its bad enough that when she had her engagement party one week after my delivery I still looked very pregnant! (Somehow the belly isn’t so cute when there is no baby inside anymore).

So back to the plan … While back home I went to this amazing nutritionist who gave me a personalized post-pregnancy diet plan … It actually worked well, I lost 20 pounds in two months but with my travel and taking care of baby Amir I somehow lost my way. I want to get back on track and lose my remaining 20 lbs it should be easy enough all I have to do is monitor what I eat especially when those hunger pangs kick in between pumping, play time, bath time and rocking baby to sleep. So I will post everything I eat everyday under my health and fitness page (an idea I borrowed from Relaxed Focus) to motivate myself and to refrain from eating unhealthy snacks (it’s so easy to rip open that bag of chocolate chips when no one is looking!)
I also researched some baby and mommy workouts and I stumbled upon this great exercise plan at Mama Moderne  that I really want to try … I spend most of my time rocking and walking around the house trying to put baby to sleep anyways might as well kick it up a notch wish me luck and look out for my daily progress. Here’s to no cheating!


4 thoughts on “Post-pregnancy diet plan and workout

  1. Posting everything you eat online is a great idea, it makes you think twice before cheating. Consider removing anything fattening in the house as well. Removing temptations is probably the best way.

    • Some things are easier said then done I was doing so well until baby Amir’s teething got bad today and I didn’t get a chance to eat or drink properly at the end of the day I attached a plate of dessert that I had prepared for the party we missed today! will try again tomorrow wish me luck 🙂

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