Fast beauty tips for busy new mommies


Here I am again sitting in my baby blue rocking chair holding my sleeping beautiful muse as I write this post … Being a busy new mom the last thing on my mind was whether I looked presentable enough!
With a Lebanese background and a super stylish mother this is a big no no! Especially that every time I see a pale, frizzy haired, uncoordinated reflection in the mirror I heard my mother’s voice ” habibti always make time to brush your hair and put makeup no matter what” so I have learned some fast tricks to help me look decent if someone drops by and still be comfortable enough to easily tend to my baby throughout the day and to squeeze in those snuggling naps with him when I need an energy booster:

– use your hair conditioner instead of a shaving cream to shave in the shower it will leave your skin extra moist so u can skip the lotion application step (some people say expressed breast milk is good for dry skin but I’m not trying that!)

– pull hair in a bun or a braid right after a shower and you won’t have to worry about it all day. Apply some leave in conditioner to those stray hairs.

– Apply Vaseline or baby oil on your nails and cuticles, it will make them look shiny and healthy.

– If u don’t have time to put makeup on just apply some concealer on those dark circles and u would look much more refreshed.

– Use lip stain instead of lipstick it will last up to 12 hours. I use the body shop lip stain it looks very natural. The last time I checked they were out. I hope they don’t drop this product.

– clothing: a few clothing items I invested in were perfect to keep up my Lebanese standards and accommodate my much-needed relaxed American look. I wear bra tops for support and easy access when its feeding or pumping time, yoga pants and those pachmina cardigans (they look like pachminas with sleeves) this is my signature look nowadays!

– Shoes: instead of normal flip-flops I walk around with my FIT flops, they are perfect for toning your thighs! So when I’m walking around rocking my teething baby I keep on reminding myself that I’m getting a hell of a workout! The idea of burning calories adds a little spring in my step making baby drift off faster!

Any mothers out there with fast and easy beauty tips? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Fast beauty tips for busy new mommies

  1. I love the hair conditioner for shaving tip as well and my first buy after the birth of my last was two pairs of yoga pants. They were what looked great on my not back to normal shape. But, it is funny for me to read this because our parents were just the opposite. I don’t wear makeup unless I am doing something special. I will die without lipstick or lip gloss though so I am going to try the lip stain.

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