My very first blog post

Well here it goes my very first post! It’s overdue too…. I have been planning on starting my own blog for a few years now. Never took the initiative until today! I’m holding my baby and rocking him as he sleeps peacefully in my arms. It’s how I spend most of my days now specially that he is teething and getting a little more clingy than usual. Which is no problem since I’m an advocate for attachment parenting (life would be much easier when I get my balboa carrier in the mail) but as much as I like to spend my days (and nights) holding this precious bundle of joy I can’t help but feel that I need to do something besides sitting in my baby blue rocking chair … So here it goes my very first blog written on my husband’s I-pod touch while rocking my son to sleep
the purpose of my blog will be pure fun! Just a way for me to put my thoughts on paper and share My interests and the research resulting from them hoping that they might help someone looking for the same information on the way. Going to attempt putting baby Amir in his bed for the third time … fingers crossed….


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